Greek Mythology Bundle

Common Core aligned Greek Mythology unit.  This is a great stand-alone lesson plan bundle that can also easily be integrated into an ancient civilizations unit.

- Myth book cover page
- Famous Greek Myths re-written in a kid friendly format including:
* The 12 Labors of Heracles
* Theseus & The Minotaur
* Persephone & Hades
* Midas & The Golden Touch
* The Trojan Horse
* Perseus & Medusa
* Pandora’s Box
* Arachne & Athena

- All About a Character activity
- Planning your own myth worksheet
- Writing a myth
- Acrostic Poem
- Greek Literary Allusions worksheet
- Greek Mythology BINGO Set including call cards and 10 different BINGO cards. Great review activity!

Intended for grades 3-6

Some Common Core Standards Addressed:

4.RI.2 Determine the main idea of a text and explain how it is supported by key details; summarize the text.

4.RI.3 Describe in depth a character, setting, or event in a story or drama, drawing on specific details in the text (e.g. a character’s thoughts, words, or actions)

4.RL.4 Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including those that allude to significant characters found in mythology (e.g., Herculean)

This Greek Mythology Bundle is available in my TPT store.


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