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Classroom Management: Free Course!

I remember when I first began teaching that I was fairly clueless about classroom management. I didn’t have firm procedures and routines in place.  I wanted to be liked by my students when I should have been focusing on being respected.  I should have been friendly but also firm in my role.  It took me a few years of trial and error to learn how to calmly manage my class.  I was fortunate to be able to figure it out on my own because I know many veteran teachers who still struggle with behavior issues in their classrooms.

Free Classroom Management Mini-Course
Recently, I came across a free classroom management minicourse offered by Linda Kardamis of Teach4theHeart.com.  I wish I had access to a mentor course like this when I was struggling!  In Linda’s videos, she breaks the course down into three manageable segments:


I felt like Linda was really speaking to me when she talked about teachers not wanting to make a big deal out of little things.  I made that same mistake at first.  I thought if I ignored the small stuff that it would eventually just go away. Did that happen? Of course not!  Little issues grew into bigger issues when not handled properly.  

Linda offers some helpful tips for getting a classroom to run smoothly.

If  you are ready to really delve into making the most of your classroom management skills then you won’t want to miss Linda’s Classroom Management 101 course.

Classroom Management 101 covers:
Module 1:  Develop the right mindset
Module 2:  Prepare your plan
Module 3:  Prevent problems
Module 4:  Address problems that arise
Module 5:  Inspire your students to learn
Module 6:  Troubleshoot challenging situations

Plus, a bonus back to school module!

Remember, whether you are a new teacher or a veteran or if it is the beginning of the school year or half-way through, it is never too late to implement strategies to effectively manage your classroom.

Im partnering with Teach 4 the Heart to spread the word about this minicourse because its helped a lot of teachers regain control. If you decide to purchase a course after clicking on a link above, I will receive a percentage of your enrollment at no extra cost to you. Thanks for helping support Teaching in the Sunshine in this way.

Happy Teaching!