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Underground Railroad Lapbook & Powerpoint


We all know that February is celebrated as Black History Month. Of course, since black history is also American history, important topics such as the Underground Railroad are appropriate to teach all year long.


The Underground Railroad was a system of secret routes that escaping slaves used to find their way to freedom.  The term “Underground Railroad” was introduced in the 1830s when actual railroads were spreading across the country.  However, slaves had been trying to get to freedom long before the phrase came into use.  

Railroad terms were also used to identify the people involved and hiding places found, along the Underground Railroad. Escaping slaves were referred to as passengers, baggage or other things you might send on a train.  A conductor was a person who guided slaves to safe places. Stationmasters hid slaves in their homes or stations.

Helping runaway slaves was illegal and very dangerous, so everything had to be done in secret. For example, the conductor William Still received this telegram in Philadelphia:

 “I have sent via at two o’clock four large and two small hams.” 

This coded message alerted him of the arrival of six escaped slaves – four adults and two children. The word “via” had a coded meaning, informing him of where he needed to pick them up.

Students learn about secret codes of the Underground Railroad and so much more with this educational PowerPoint and hands-on lapbook learning activity.  

Watch this video to find out more. Listen to that excitement! :)

Ready to get started? GRAB YOUR COPY HERE!

~ Happy Learning!

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