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How To Use TPT's New Digital Conversion Tool

TeachersPayTeachers (TPT) has a new digital tool called Easel!  (As of June 1, 2020, when this article was written, all information was correct.  TPT has since added many new features.)

This tool will allow teachers to create digital files from select PDF resources found on TPT.  Your students can now complete the activities on either a tablet or a laptop.  Currently, this tool only works with select PDF files.  You can determine if a particular resource is available for use with the new digital tool by locating the Digital Compatible button (before purchase) or the Create Digital Activity button (after purchase or download of a freebie).

Once a Teacher-Author makes their PDF resource available for use with the digital tool, teachers can add answer boxes, instructions or highlight text.  Most likely, the Teacher-Author will already have text boxes in place.  However, buyers can change, edit or delete those boxes to suit their own needs.

Click the Text Tool to add your own instructions, if they aren't in place.  Typing in the margins is fine.  You can choose your text size and color.  You can also place answer boxes onto the document to make it easier for students to record their responses.

You can adjust the length and width of an answer box by clicking on it.  When the blue circles appear on the edges, click on one and drag your mouse to resize the box.  Once you are satisfied with your changes to the document, click the Preview option at the top of the display.  This will allow you to view the page as your students will see it on a laptop or tablet. 

If the preview looks correct, you're ready to assign it!  Click on the Assign option at the top of the display.  Click Share Link in Classroom.  When you share an access link through Google Classroom, a copy is created for each student as they access the activity.

A pop-up box will prompt you to select which class that you'd like to assign this resource using a drop-down menu. After you've clicked on your class, a second box will present some additional options pertaining to Google Classroom.  Click Create assignment and then click Go.

The normal Google Classroom assignment box will appear.  You can set a due date, assign a point value, etc.  At this point in time, TPT's digital tool only works in combination with Google Classroom.  TPT is planning future updates to add additional Learning Management Systems or alternate options for assigning work to students.

Once a student submits their assignment, you will be able to access their work from the My Activities page.  Clicking the number in the Turned In column will take you to the Assign tab where you can click Review Responses.

You are able to add feedback directly onto a student's assignment using the pen and text tools.  When you are finished commenting, click the Return button to send the work back to the student.

One last note: TPT has expressed an understanding of the importance of properly protecting students' personal data.  You can find out more by reading their Privacy Policy.

Happy Digital Teaching!

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